Pioneer of Chinese American 【PCA】美国注册非盈利机构 创办 UABA 华人篮球联盟 创办 L M T 摩天音乐机构 自2014年建立以来,一直在组织各项活动以倡导 PCA 八字箴言(诚信、感恩、尊重、宽容)来推广 PCA [...]

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PCA member:Poll about the satisfaction of PCA’s work on social media and website 喷友社会员:对社交媒体和网站的改变的满意度的投票

From March to May 2016, Pioneer of Chinese American keeps working hard on improving online channels from different aspects, including those suggestions PCA gained from a [...]

在美华人应该知道的18个“不可为之” Chinese American and Chinese immigrants should know about these forbidden behavior


Share your thoughts about the phenomenon of discrimination against the Chinese in America分享你对于“在美华人受歧视”现象的看法

In many Chinese immigrants' eyes, they believe there is a certain discrimination against Chinese people from other races in America no matter they really experience the [...]

美国生活:美国驾考宝典 A guarantee for passing driving test

美国驾考宝典   在美国考驾照很简单, [...]

PCA survey 喷友社调查问卷 (长期有效)

We (Pioneer of Chinese American) hope to hear your voice about our work for the improvement of social media platforms. Let us know about your thoughts and your suggestions. [...]

中华文学精粹 ~ 博大精深

中华文学精粹 ~ [...]

PCA【缅怀哥哥张国荣歌迷聚会】(洛杉矶地区) PCA Fans gathering to memorize Leslie Cheung(LA)


PCA美国喷友社将建立英文班师资部Pioneer of Chinese American Inviting Chinese Americans to be Volunteer English Tutor


2016 年 喷友社正式成为美国注册非营利机构

2016 年 [...]
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